2014’s already off to an amazing start with rookie group Mamamoo popping out of nowhere with their oh so gorgeous voices and jazzy beats.

mamamoo2 mamamoo5 mamamoo3mamamoo4

They haven’t properly debuted, only releasing two songs; one with Bumkey *melts* and K.Will. But they’ve made such an impact with these I just had to do a review.

#1 Don’t Be Happy ft. Bumkey

First thought was that this was going to be an ‘IU’ song – with the whole big band, Musical sound. But when that beat kicked bam, I fell in love. For one, damn those English lines were so fluent (it’s always nice to hear some understandable English). Bumkey’s voice harmonised gorgeously with their’s (as expected). Video-wise it looked the part in black and white, plus 20s inspired clothes. Overall it is a simple MV; panning shots of the girls’ singing and occasionally trying to call up their ex. But it was utterly related to the song which is all I really want from an MV. (Ps. the jazz sequence at the end is my fav part)

#2 Peppermint Chocolate ft. K.Will and Whee Sung

Mamamoo heads into upbeat jazz territory with Peppermint Chocolate. The synth-y keyboard sounds (aha I’m so technical) just make you want to shoulder shuffle shimmy head bop along. I really like how in the verse the guys and girls sing to each before uniting in the chorus all conversational like. And again this MV is artsy in all the right ways, the flashes of yellow tinted colour and disco dance moves scream 80s along with the music. It never fails to leaves me all buzzed and feeling good.

I’m blown away that these are their first songs. Even though jazz has had a little attention in Korea with Lee Hyori and a few others, there’s really not much. It’s quite irritating as so much could be done with it, it’s a shame not to.

Fingers crossed it won’t be a long wait till their debut album!

If you liked Mamamoo check out Lee Hyori and Park Ji Yoon


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