Park Ji Yoon

#1 Beep

I found it hard to like this song, as catchy as it is. It’s based off 70’s disco music, but it’s almost too scarily similar to originals. Even her tone of voice sounded very 70’s – I feel that a lot of her originality was lost in this to follow through with the concept. For me it didn’t have any modern edge to it, and so I ended up pretty bored (I might as well listen to the real thing if I’m going for complete 70’s disco). Also the repeating “whatwhatwhat..” went on waay too long – I had to resist the urge to skip. Bleugh ok, rant over. I did think the MV was clever, it really felt like one of those old ‘Top of the Pops’ shows my parent’s would’ve watched (damn that fashion sense).

#2 Inner Space

Ok here comes the praise. I liked this song. I thought the synths were gorgeous and added to the mystical “inner space” sound of it all. I’m interpreting “inner space” here as being her mind/place she stores her memory, and so sort of like a large cave-like space full of clutter (which explains the echoes). The MV was a lot more simplistic than Beep but it felt quite a personal insight into her mind palace space with the objects.

These two new MVs, sound so very different both from each other and from her previous stuff e.g. Mr. Lee. If I didn’t see the titles I would’ve honestly thought they were by different artists. I’m kind of conflicted about that. Personally in albums I think they should stick to the same sound and leave the experimenting into another genre for the next one. They sound really awkward and misplaced back to back. Individually they had their own pluses and minuses but I have to say ‘Beep’ left me disappointed.

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