Block B


Block B returns with another unsuccessful gangster heist with added creepy as hell clown masks. This time they kidnap a girl for their circus, to practise their gangster/circus clown skills on (?) or something? To be honest I have no idea what’s going on but I love it


Darling I’m as confused as you

This song is upbeat, which you wouldn’t have guessed from that creepy opening MV sequence. It is filled with horns, beats and some crazy vocals. Going from smooth vocals to a head bopping chorus to the dorky and lovable ‘LALALA‘, this is a song which is crazily unpredictable matching the equally crazy MV and the whole circus feel.


I would be heading the opposite direction if I were you…

And holy smokes, this MV is gorgeous. The colouring is so very vibrant and bright. However the box room scenes were a little dull especially in comparison to all the craziness going down in the rest of it. It felt very typically kpop-ish to me. But this was just a little niggle, the transitions between scenes were so short that you would hardly notice.

In comparison to Block B’s previous songs this follows very much along the same lines. It’s a feel-good track which you have to really keep up with. Block B and their crazy circus beats are not waiting for anyone.


Block B’s best dance yet

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