Akdong Musician/AKMU, is a newly debuted sibling duo who has raised a lot of interest this month with two songs. The reason why I was so drawn to these two cuties was because most of their songs are written by themselves. Which is basically unheard of in the kpop industry. And to add to that he’s only 17 and she’s 14! Crazy right?


 #1 200%

This cute and summery song is paired with an MV of an unrequited love between students. Apart from the percussion, the background music is kept relatively clear leaving those smooth as silk vocals as the main focus. The horns in the chorus, and later synths add to the light and fluffy sound. I don’t mind this being a more ‘simple’ song, it really lets us hear their amazing vocal talent.


The MV felt a tad creepy, Soo-Hyun playing the ‘cute stalker‘. She was definitely the stalker, following round her crush for the whole MV. The twist at the end though left me feeling really bad for her even so.


#2 Melted

Melted is a whole lot more emotional. The MV tells us the tale of a homeless kid who wanders the streets, noticing the sadness in the world around him with his camera. He also is suffering himself, turned away by others and beaten around for something that wasn’t his fault. Eventually he finds someone who welcomes him in.


However I went away from this not blaming any of them, there’s no clear cut good and bad. The bartenders obviously had a bad day and not getting the drinks payed on top of that he just had to let it out. We’ve all been there in some shape and form.


And wow all that symbolism. I love how the theme of melting was shown through the present version of him’s glass’ ice having melted by the end of the video where he is finally shown some kindness.


Honestly I choked up a little at this, the acting was so well done done and really made me sit and think. Not something I expected from the artists of the happy(ish) 200%. Big credits to whoever came up with the idea and keep this coming YG! Also I really appreciated how they incorporated lots of different nationalities naturally as normal people. Recently the only other nationalities I’ve seen in K-pop MVs been are the stereotyped ‘sexy white girls‘ which is just getting on my nerves now.


It matched really well with the soaring, pain stricken harmonics of AKMU. Their voices blend seamlessly together, it’s gorgeous.

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