Kim Yeon Woo

Move (ft. Kyung Park – Block B)

Well this song popped up on my YouTube feed a couple of days ago and I decided to give it a chance and check it out. And I was not disappointed! Both the song and MV were equally good. Well to be honest you can’t go too wrong with funky guitar riffs in the background…

As far as I know this is his first MV, apart from some OST songs (I’m guessing this cause I haven’t seen anything else really from him when I looked him up). So congratulations, you’ve already got a fan in me with one song!

move4 move5

The MV is super creative. It’s in a box set buuuut not your average K-Pop box set, no no. It moves (like the title, get it?! oho). And it follows a man and a woman, who are a couple, and the ups and downs in their relationship (hence the love and hate). Plus for some reason they keep taking off their clothes?! That is lost on me if it has any symbolic meaning. It’s mainly an ‘artsy MV’, and despite lacking in a huge narrative focus, it still keeps your attention.


This is an upbeat and jazzy song, with strong vocals, perfect for the summer and head bopping, right up my alley! This is part of his new mini album ‘Move’, which so far is sounding very promising!

(There has been a lot of discussion in the comments of this MV about how skinny the two models are (both the guy and the girl). I just want to add that I have to agree that they do look unhealthily skinny, and their managers should really be taking better care of them. But being models there are lots of pressures on being ‘skinny’ so it’s not surprising. And those are saying that you shouldn’t be commenting on their weight, I think you’re misunderstanding, most of those comments are not ‘skinny shaming’ they’re just concerned.)

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