Stop Playing

Phew~ well helloo there U-KISS! This was one sexy mess of a music video, nothing complicated or deep happened here, just pure sexy times with some lovely ladies plus a bonus threesome.ukiss4

After U-KISS’ previous singles, I had lost interest in the group. She’s Mine was good in parts but the MV was just box sets and random objects. The glaringly obvious auto-tune faze they went through was pretty off putting too. But now we’ve finally got to hear more of U-KISS’ vocal skills in Stop Playing. The song overall doesn’t blow me away, but it’s a great improvement from their previous stereotypical boyband-y sounding songs.ukiss3

Now I understand a few U-KISS fans have gotten a bit overly butt hurt about this MV because apparently it is “too sexual” for the members. Come on guys, they’re in their 20s (or almost), they’re not a bunch of young teenagers anymore. And although k-pop has been highly influenced by Western music, it has definitely not reached that level of explicit; in Stop Playing the lyrics are clean and there’s only a bit of bare abs and legs. Hardly anything shocking (Korea’s rating systems do seem quite extreme to cast this as a 19+). So please calm down about it.ukiss2

The MV was definitely my favourite part, can’t go too wrong with those sort of sexy scenes. However I hope they don’t repeat this formula for their next single, sexy is good, but in small quantities. But to be honest I like seeing k-pop groups like U-KISS experimenting and maturing through the years from their more cutesy roots, so I’m interested to see where they are going to go next!

Overall Rating:- ★★★☆☆



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