I always get excited when a member from a group goes solo. It really gives them a chance to show off their talents which often get drowned out in groups (especially considering how crazily big they’re getting, looking at you exo). Amber’s always been a favourite of mine in f(x) as I always have a soft spot for good rappers and so I was super pumped to see what sort of thing she was going to produce on her own.

#1 SHAKE THAT BRASS ft Taeyeon

The title implies a PG ‘Shake that Ass‘ but it literally is about shaking those brass instruments. This song is a catchy hot mess (just like the clothes), and very repetitive but not so much that you don’t stop singing NANANANANANANAAA.


The music video is also a jumble of random scenes and hip hop-y stereotypes like a fancy sports car, basketball and that weird look-up shot. All in all though it’s all part of Amber’s weird and wacky charm and suits the song perfectly. But the best bits are definitely of Amber and her celebrity friends as they all seem to be having a hell of a time dancing around like lunatics and that warmed my heart.


Props to Taeyeon, her voice gave me shivers, and although I felt at times it didn’t really suit this type of song she was amazing to listen to.


#2 Beautiful

HOly crap Amber can sing???! Why did I not know this before?? Her voice is so so gorgeous in this song. It makes me really wish she sung in songs more often, she definitely has real singing talent alongside her rapping. This song is ultimately about being yourself and her struggles to get there. Being an androgynous person I’m sure Amber gets some prejudice especially being part of the K-Pop scene which is very focused on appearances.


I’m really sad though that this song hasn’t got a proper music video, only a lyrics video but the slideshow of Amber photos, which granted is rather cheesy, is still pretty cute.


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