Jung Yong Hwa

Oh hey there Yong Hwa, long time no see. It feels like ages since CNBlue’s last comeback with ‘Can’t Stop’, and even longer since their claim to fame with ‘Love Girl’. 2015 seems to be the year of solo artists and so with the trend Yong Hwa has released three singles. We already know that he has an beautiful voice and so I was curious what sort of style he would go for. But it seems he’s covered the whole spectrum, which an unbeat song, a rock song and a ballad and done so pretty successfully!

#1 Mileage ft.YDG

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who did not recognise Yong Hwa. The curly haired look really suits him (hot dang) but it took me a while to realise who he is because of it. I mean he has literally always had straight as an ironing board hair.


Anyway ahem back to the song. It was a cute and endearing song, showing Yong Hwa stealing away YDG’s mannequin wife while YDG was looking after his mannequin son. Yep. It was an interesting music video but I like me some creative, out of the box (or should I say out of the box sets ahem ahem) MVs.


Acoustics paired with singing and rapping are just my kryptonite so I’ve got to say this is my favourite of the three.

#2 One Fine Day

Hell yeah this one has a plot *rubs hands together* well then let us begin. The story is pretty mediocre, boy meets girl, they go on dates and everything’s good but then something bad happens and they break up. You’re already prepared for shit to go down with the sad ballad music so it’s no major plot twist.


While I personally don’t really like ballads, I enjoyed the music video and how it was shot in an artsy way. I mean you can’t get more hipster-y than odd angled framed shots. Yong Hwa definitely has a voice strong enough for ballads and I can appreciate that.

#3 Checkmate ft JJ LIN

Yong Hwa goes back to his CNBlue roots with this rock style song. But what really made it stand out from previous songs was the Korean-Chinese combo. JJ LIN is an Singaporean singer, with an amazing voice which really complimented Yong Hwa’s. You would’ve thought that the two languages would clash but it made it all the more interesting.


I’m guessing this song is about them breaking out of the monotony of everyday life in a world where everyone does the same thing in boring black and white. It seems a little bit ‘1984’ with the security cameras watching over them. Again this was another really well shot music video, so kudos to the creative team behind these three.


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