Many, many years have past. Fans are starting to lose hope. But wait what’s this? A BIGBANG album? Praise the lord.

This is going to be a long and pretty fangirl-y review so prepare yourselves.

#1 Loser

This one caught me by surprised, it’s on a sad topic but the song has a chill feel to it with the simple beats in the background. The two clash, especially in the video where everyone’s having a shitty time, but it works? Huge props to Daesung and TOP for their acting in this video, got me very emotional. (Although what the hell was GD moping around in the road for?)bigbang2bigbang1





#2 Bae Bae

This is more BIGBANG’s style. Weird af. But again it caught me off guard with a very mellow chorus. The MV honestly felt like I was got into the head’s of a high BIGBANG (or a sober TOP), I’m having a hard time understanding what’s going on in their more realistic MVs, so I’m not even going to try with this one. Some of the scenes did make me internally cringe – I’m looking at you cowboy Taeyang and early-2000s-boyband Seungri (seriously why a leopard print suit). And TOP’s were just plain weird but I think none of us are surprised by that anymore. Overall good song, but it just isn’t as catchy or likable as the rest of the album.








Now this is the hit song they were building up to!!! I imagine they’re praying that this will make everyone forget about Fantastic Baby so they won’t have to preform it anymore. That build-up and AGAIN BIGBANG WITH UNEXPECTED CHORUSES …ahem. It goes from club song to some hardcore R&B and then SURPRISE a completely different club beat appears. But again its BIGBANG and by this point I’m too into the song to care about these inconsistances.

And the MV is equally as inconsistent as the song is, with moving cars, sparkly GD and Taeyang’s hot topless army (I can’t get over how this is the one time Taeyang actually has a shirt on and he’s surrounded by his fellow shirtless people).








I keep saying this but again this was not what I expected from the title. It’s like one of those early 2000s feel good rock songs, with chill acoustic verses. BUT THIS VIDEO GUYS. I’m dead, they’re such a cute bunch of lovable idiots. Stop it. (basically it just shows them messing around, and I’m pretty damn satisfied with that)







#5 Sober

BIGBANG released into the wild and acting pretty not sober. I really love Seungri’s part in the song when it goes all slow and electric guitar-y. Again catchy af, but the song isn’t my favourite.







#6 If You

There’s no proper MV for this, which in fact I’m kind of happy about. It’s such an intimate, raw song that I feel people will interpret it in different way so leaving it be was probably the best way. But urgh this song is beautiful and again unexpected but urgh. (Also TOP singing blew my miiind)

#7 Let’s Not Fall In Love

Phew near the end now. Cute BIGBANG being cute with their girlfriends (or friends?). And then it starts raining. And then it ends sad. Whyyy you gotta break my heart BIGBANG. But in happier news GD’s stare literally burnt through the screen – too hot, hot damn.







#8 Zutter (GD&TOP)

Was sooo over the moon when I heard these two were doing a duo act again. These two have never disappointed when paired together and continue to not do so. The beat is so sweet, not super original but their rapping styles makes this the shit. The MV was so weird and made me laugh so much (especially the urinal scenes, they must’ve had so much fun with those)


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