2015 Highlights

1.) Pro Rookie Groups

Although the world of rookie groups has been a bit of a sausage-fest this year, Twice and Seventeen still managed to wow (a very skeptical) me. Both are intimidatingly massive groups (good luck learning all their names) but their songs are catchy and instantly lovable. Happy to see there are rookie groups not slacking in quality despite being churned out so quickly.

2.) SHINee’s “Odd Eye” Live Performance

I didn’t think I could love this song any more when I first heard it. But then I saw the live performance and RIP me. Everyone is looking sharp (KEEEYYYY THO) and sexy af. As a SHINee fan it was inevitably going to be a highlight of this year.

3.) IU Hitting Back

IU went through a lot of crap this year due to her dating an older man which led to many calling her “fake” for pretending to be innocent. Urgh. However she hit back with Twenty-Three which is about her wanting to be both innocent and have a love life – because why does she have to choose?!? As well as well written lyrics, which express her feelings so perfectly, the music alongside it is great, with a ‘Lim Kim’ feel to it (which I am 100% for). The more mature “Twenty-Three” has converted me into a IU fan and I’m excited to see what she does in 2016!

4.) BIGBANG Comeback

FINALLY. I was so so pumped for this, as was everyone, and while, unfortunately, their MADE series did not live up to my expectations, I really enjoyed seeing them together again. GD & TOP’s surprise collab (“Zutter“) however ended up being one of my favourite tracks of this year. Hopefully it does not take them so long to make their next comeback, but who knows.

(my review for BIGBANG's MADE Series)

5.) Bom is Back!!!!!!!!!


Another badass girl standing up against those who put her down – Bom made a surprise appearance at the MAMAs this year and everyone went crazy for it. Her bow (which the cameras didn’t catch :/) helped convey her unwavering thanks to her supporters despite all she’s been through and what an overall sweetie she is. Honestly so happy to see 2NE1 together again and fiercer than ever.


6.) Going Solo

A lot of great solo acts came out from popular groups this year, including Amber (F(x)), Jonghyun (SHINee) and Taeyeon (Girl’s Generation). I always enjoy seeing members going solo as it gives them a chance to show off their individual talents which often go unappreciated in group songs. Amber singing was definitely a highlight for me out of all the solo acts.


Another lesser known solo act, Park Jimin (15&), released an amazing single “Hopeless Love“. While 15&‘s songs have yet to win me over, “Hopeless Love” blew me away, making it one of my 2015 favourites.

(my review for Amber's "Shake That Brass" & "Beautiful")

7.) GOT7 Stepping Up Their Game

I popped this on the list as I want to bring attention to this group I previously overlooked. I was very uninterested with GOT7 initially, as they seemed to be just another fan service boy group with no real substance. But they have proved me wrong in 2015 with “If You Do” which has killer moves and is an overall great song. It always makes me happy to see groups like this improve and mature so can’t wait to see them in 2016!

8.) Mamamoo’s Growing Popularity


Sadly groups with extremely talented vocals, like Spica, often get overlooked – however Mamamoo is breaking that mould. This year they released “Ahh Oop” and “Um Ah Oh Yeh” and both, especially “Um Ah Oh Yeh“, got a lot of attention. From someone who has been their fan since before their debut, this makes me very happy and I hope their success keeps growing in 2016!

(my review of Mamamoo pre-debut)

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