Oh My Venus

Siiiigh. This is going to be a depressing review.

I went into Oh My Venus with low expectations, even a little anxious considering that physical appearance is not always handled so well in Korean dramas. But I was pleasantly surprised that this drama seems to promote being healthy rather than being skinny and the male lead likes her before her ‘transformation’ (thank god). This combined with the two lead’s winning chemistry got me really into this series.


But then the halfway point hit, and like so many k-dramas it seemed to run out of ideas once the main couple were together and began to fish around in the drawer of kdrama-cliches-which-are-so-overdone-it’s-not-even-funny. I’m not going to spoil it for you but urgh. I was honestly so pissed off. It felt like someone had surprised me with an amazing present and then proceeded to stomp on it right in front of my face before I could even open it.

Let’s focus on the positive for a bit. Jo Sub and Shin Ah. What absolute cuties. I could not get enough of them. I’m slightly biased as I love both actors to pieces but honestly they have stand out chemistry. Their relationship just seemed so natural and the writers were not afraid of making them go beyond a PG rating (I’m not promising explicit but it’s something 😉 ).

Jo Sub’s minions (Henry & Sung Hoon) were very lovable as well, especially the way they cutely fawned over Shin Ah. However Sung Hoon’s love interest, while not being dislikable, I never really got on board with them as a thing and so ended up skipping a lot of their scenes. I felt she was thrown in there just to add another sub plot to the drama.


Ok I’m going to keep the negatives short. There were a few side stories going on (his step mum’s really depressing life, her ex, official company business). While Jin Kyung who played his step-mother wrenched my heart, it did get a little repetitive with the constant abuse she got. The ex’s storyline and boring business plot were sort of interlinked and were pretty dull. I skipped most of it so I can’t really review it but I never felt I missed anything important so that says something. Also the ex was such an asshole, I kind of wish they’d flesh him out a little? They might as well have put a giant ‘I’m an asshole’ neon flashing sign above his head. Similar situation with Shin Ah’s ex friend, although she did have a backstory which made her more three dimensional.

I just feel so let down about this k-drama. The majority of the characters are on point, and its (reasonably) positive message about weight was a great new addition to the k-drama genre. But the dumb k-drama cliches kicked in and eventually I was no longer able to overlook the dull side plots.


Summing up, watch this drama for the cute relationships not the plot!

Plot ★★☆☆☆

Characters ★★★☆☆

Relationships/Chemistry ★★★★★

Overall ★★★☆☆



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